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Potassium Formate

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  • Jun
    Composite carbon source national standard testing standards analysis (II)
    Detection methodAccording to different testing items, the testing methods of composite carbon sources are different. The following introduces several common detection methods:1. Organic matter content: oxidative pyrolysis method, alkali - acid neutralisation titration method and other methods for de
  • Jun
    Composite carbon source national standard testing standards analysis (I)
    Detection programmeComposite carbon source refers to the solid or liquid matrix manufactured by mixing many kinds of organic materials, which is widely used in agriculture, environment, energy and other fields. In order to ensure the quality and safety of composite carbon sources, the state has form
  • Jun
    What Is Carbon Source?
    Definition of carbon source:Carbon source is currently a hot product in the field of sewage treatment, sewage treatment plants, municipal sewage, industrial sewage, aquaculture wastewater and other industries use carbon source, a variety of products on the market about carbon source is also more. He
  • May
    The main mechanisms of action of potassium formate can be summarized as follows
    1. Ion exchange: K+ ions in potassium formate can exchange with Na+ ions in montmorillonite, forming a stable structure that prevents soil expansion and dispersion. 2. Lattice fixation: The size of K+ ions is suitable for filling the gaps between adjacent layers of illite in soil, forming strong bon
  • May
    Transportation conditions and precautions for potassium formate
    Transportation marking: Whether transported as a liquid or a solid, potassium formate needs to be marked with relevant warning labels on the package, including information such as the name of the chemical, its hazardous nature, its transportation classification, and emergency measures. Transportatio
  • May
    How about the performance of potassium formate foliar fertilizer in agriculture?
    1) Potassium formate belongs to organic fertilizer water solubility is very good, 100g of water can dissolve more than 330 grams, potassium oxide content can be done 650g/L. Although the planting cost will be slightly increased, in fact, in the organic fertilizer potassium formate in the dosage is s
  • May
    Transportation of Potassium Formate
    1. Liquid transportation: Potassium formate is usually transported in liquid form, either by pipeline or tanker. During liquid transportation, it is necessary to ensure that the container is well sealed to prevent leakage and volatilization. 2. Solid transportation: Potassium formate can also be tra
  • May
    Service life of potassium formate
    Potassium formate itself is with strong hygroscopic physical property. So simple potassium formate crystals placed for a period of time can easily absorb moisture and turn into flaky potassium formate. In industry, as long as it is used in liquid, it will not affect the nature and function of the pr
  • Apr
    Solubility of Potassium Formate
    The water solubility of both solid and liquid potassium formate is excellent and can be dissolved with any proportion of water. And the use of solid potassium formate is relatively wide, especially applied in high-density drilling completion fluid system, which has achieved very good results. The dr
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