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Composite carbon source national standard testing standards analysis (I)
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Composite carbon source national standard testing standards analysis (I)

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Detection programme

Composite carbon source refers to the solid or liquid matrix manufactured by mixing many kinds of organic materials, which is widely used in agriculture, environment, energy and other fields. In order to ensure the quality and safety of composite carbon sources, the state has formulated corresponding testing standards and programmes.

At present, the composite carbon source mainly adopts the Chinese national standards of Composite Materials for Resourcefulness of Agricultural Organic Waste (GB/T 32871-2016) and Methods for Measuring Moisture in Solid Waste (GB/T 2677.8-1994) as the testing standards. Among them, the former is the basic standard for composite carbon sources, and the latter is the standard for moisture measurement in composite carbon sources.

Testing items

The main testing items of composite carbon source include: chemical composition, physical properties, moisture, harmful components, microorganisms and so on. Among them, chemical composition mainly includes organic matter content, carbon and nitrogen ratio, pH value, etc., and physical properties mainly include granularity and density, etc. Moisture measurement is mainly used to detect the water content in the composite carbon source, while harmful components and microorganisms are mainly used to detect the presence of harmful components and microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi in the composite carbon source.

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