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What Are The Properties of Sodium Diacetate And How To Apply It?
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What Are The Properties of Sodium Diacetate And How To Apply It?

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Sodium bisacetate Sodium bisacetate, the foreign trade name is Vitacorb, VI-TA-CROP, and it is called CROP-CURE or GRAINCURE in the U.S.A. It is made of high quality acetic acid containing more than 99.5% as the main raw material, and is neutralized with sodium carbonate, and then it is concentrated, refined and crystallized, which is a molecular compound of sodium acetate and acetic acid, and the molecular formula of it is CH3COONa -CH3COOH-xH2O or NaH(CH3COO)2, the molecular weight of anhydrous material is 142.09, chelated by short hydrogen bonding phase, the appearance of white crystalline powder, in which acetic acid contains the ratio of 39±1%. The antimicrobial effect of sodium diacetate comes from acetic acid, mainly monomolecular acetic acid, which contains 40% free acetic acid, undissociated acetic acid is more effective than ionized acetic acid to penetrate the cell wall of mycobacterial tissues, interfere with intercellular mycobacterial interactions, which can denature intracellular proteins and thus play an antimicrobial role.

Sodium diacetate, also known as Sodium acetate dihydrate , has the following main uses:

1. chemical industry: used as raw material of acetic acid for the preparation of other chemicals, such as ethyl acetate, etc.

2. pharmaceutical field: used as buffer, regulator or stabilizer in the production and preparation of certain drugs.

3. food industry: used as food additives for flavoring, acidity adjustment and preservatives, etc.

4. laboratory: used as chemical reagent, often used in the laboratory for acid-base neutralization reaction and other reagents in experiments.

5. metallurgical industry: used as additive or neutralizer in some metal processing.

6. Other fields: It is also used in textile, leather, paper making and other industries.

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