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Industrial Use of Sodium Formate
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Industrial Use of Sodium Formate

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Sodium formate has a variety of uses in industry:

1. Leather industry: Sodium formate can be used as tanning agent and dehairing agent in leather processing. As a tanning agent, it can improve the softness and strength of leather, promote the combination of leather and tanning agent, and improve the quality of leather. As a dehairing agent, sodium formate can help to remove the hair on animal hides and purify the surface of leather.

2. Textile industry: Sodium formate can be used as dye fixing agent and acid catalyst for textiles. In the process of dye fixation, sodium formate can improve the color fixation and durability of dyes, making the dyeing effect more lasting. Meanwhile, as an acid catalyst, sodium formate can promote the chemical reaction of textiles and improve the production efficiency.

3. Chemical production: Sodium formate is an important organic chemical material, widely used in organic synthesis such as vinyl acetate, acetylation reaction and esterification reaction. It can also be used in the preparation of organic acids such as formic acid and acetic acid, and organic compounds such as ethyl formate.

4. Metal processing: Sodium formate can be used as an acidic cleaning agent for metal surface treatment, helping to remove oxides and dirt from metal surfaces, purifying metal surfaces and improving the quality of metal processing.

5. Others: Sodium formate can also be used in pulp bleaching in paper making industry, anticorrosion of leather products, production of pharmaceutical preparations and so on.

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