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How Sodium Formate Is Stored
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How Sodium Formate Is Stored

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The following aspects need to be considered for the storage of sodium formate:

1. Packaging: Sodium formate should be stored in its original sealed packaging to prevent moisture intrusion and dissolution. It is recommended to use good quality packaging materials and ensure that the package is complete and free from damage.

2. Storage environment: The storage environment should be dry, ventilated and away from high temperature and direct sunlight. Sodium formate should be stored in a cool, dry place, avoiding exposure to extreme temperatures which may affect its properties and stability.

3. Moisture-proof: Since sodium formate is hygroscopic, it should be stored in such a way as to avoid contact with moisture as much as possible. Desiccants or humidity control devices can be set up in the storage area to ensure a dry environment.

4. Fire and explosion prevention: Sodium formate is a flammable and explosive chemical, the storage place should be far away from fire source and open flame to avoid fire and explosion accidents.

5. Separate storage: Sodium formate and flammable, oxidizable, corrosive substances should be stored separately to avoid chemical reaction or pollution.

Shanxi Zhaoyi Chemical Co., Ltd. for you to summarize: storage of sodium formate should pay attention to maintain the integrity of the packaging, choose the appropriate storage environment, and comply with the relevant safety regulations, to ensure safe and reliable storage.

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