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How Sodium Diacetate Is Used in Fish Feed
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How Sodium Diacetate Is Used in Fish Feed

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Sodium acetate content Take 0.5g of the sample (accurate to 1mg) and dissolve in 50ml glacial acetic acid. Titrate with 0.1mo1/L perchloric acid and determine the end point by potentiometric method. Each ml of 0.1mol/L perchloric acid is equivalent to sodium acetate (CH3COONa) 8.203Chemicalbookmg. free acetic acid accurately weighed about 4g of the specimen, dissolved in 50m1 of water, add phenolphthalein test solution (TS-167) a few drops, and titrate with 1mol/L sodium hydroxide, each mL1mol/L sodium hydroxide is equivalent to acetic acid (CH3COOH) 60.05mg.

Adding SDA can improve the palatability of bait, improve water quality and reduce the occurrence of diseases. Adding 0.1%, 0.2%, 0.3% SDA to carp bait increased weight gain by 6.15%~15.11% and reduced bait coefficient by 0.21%~0.27% compared with the control group. The experiment showed that adding 0.3% SDA to carp bait could increase the weight gain rate and reduce the bait coefficient of carp. The main reason is that sodium diacetate can improve the utilization of feed nutrients, improve palatability, so that the fish like to eat increased feed intake. Sodium diacetate can effectively prevent and control common bacterial diseases, and the role of water purification, containing sodium diacetate feed dispersed in the water is not easy to corruption and pollution of water quality. Therefore, it can be considered that sodium diacetate is an ideal additive for fish farming.

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