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Acetic Acid-Common Carbon Sources
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Acetic Acid-Common Carbon Sources

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Acetic acid as a carbon source is similar to sodium acetate. However, as an industrialised product, it is really wasteful to use it as a carbon source. However, there are four disadvantages:

1. Acetic acid is a class B hazardous chemical and a volatile acid, which is an important part of the air pollution VOC, and is regulated by environmental protection departments, and the storage conditions are demanding.

2. Most of the sewage treatment plants are far away from the acetic acid plant, the transport cost is high, and can not be transported over long distances.

3. Hydrogen ions after metabolism of acetic acid have the possibility of lowering the pH of the water.

4. The price of acetic acid changes greatly in the market, and it is expensive to be a carbon source when the price is high, so it is almost impossible to apply acetic acid to the large-scale dosing of sewage treatment plants.

Biomass carbon source

With the improvement of sewage denitrogenation requirements, the new rise of professional production of carbon source enterprises, they are through the principle of bioengineering, some sugar, agricultural waste, such as fermentation, the production of non-toxic and harmless bioproducts, the main components are small molecules of organic acids, alcohols, sugars. The main components are small molecule organic acids, alcohols and sugars. It is easier to be utilised by microorganisms than single chemicals, and the cost of using it is cheaper than single chemicals, which makes it highly cost-effective.

Disadvantages: the stability of the product needs to be improved, and the COD equivalent of each batch of product needs to be tested before use.

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