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Action and Efficacy of Sodium Acetate
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Action and Efficacy of Sodium Acetate

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The rapid development of modern society relies on strong economic strength, which makes the development of various industries like a tiger. The industry is also updated with more options. More new materials are being developed for new uses.

As a cleaning agent, sodium acetate neutralizes large amounts of sulfuric acid emitted from factories. It maintains a shiny metal surface by removing rust and stains. It can also be found in leather tanning solutions and image processing solutions.

As a new material, sodium acetate stands out in all walks of life and solves some difficult things in the past. Admittedly, there are a lot of sodium acetate based cleaning solution products, not difficult to buy, but because of the name of the product, many consumers think that sodium acetate manufacturers products and ordinary cleaning solution is no different. However, the main function of the product is quite different from that of ordinary cleaning solution.

Properties of Sodium Acetate

Sodium acetate, also known as sodium acetate, is an organic matter with a molecular formula of CH3COONa and a relative molecular mass of 82.03. Character is colorless transparent crystal or white particles, weathered in dry air, lost at 120℃ crystallizing water, decomposition at higher temperature, relative density 1.45, melting point 324℃, easy to dissolve in water.

The Use of Sodium Acetate

1.Industrial grease cleaning

Closely related to industry are,of course, many mechanical devices used in production. Because a lot of current equipment is operated by diesel, or because of the industrial environment, this will result in a lot of oil covering the equipment, which can affect the equipment. The use effect is good, the use of sodium acetate cleaning solution, can effectively remove industrial oil stains, save cleaning time.

2.Kitchen grease cleaning

In addition to the industrial environment, oil contamination often occurs in kitchens, especially in restaurants and food stalls. As more food is cooked every day, the oil pollution will increase further. If oil pollution is not dealt with in time, it will not only affect environmental health, but also affect food safety, so you can use sodium acetate cleaning solution to clean oil.

In short, sodium acetate cleaning solution produced by sodium acetate manufacturers is used to remove oil stains, but it is not only used in the kitchen, industrial environment and other occasions, even if you have oil stains on your hands, it can also be used for cleaning.

Sodium acetate as a new material is widely used in a variety of environments, outstanding is sewage treatment, can not only disinfection and decontamination can promote the separation of substances, but also can alleviate corrosion.

The Significance of Sodium Acetate

Whether in the sewage treatment plant or the complex environment of the factory and even daily household sodium acetate figure, sodium acetate can remove sewage, can remove oil, even the kitchen headache oil is easily resolved. Is there nothing wrong with such a useful artifact?

Although sodium acetate has a great effect, it is still a chemical substance. It is not allowed to contact the skin surface and eyes. If it is accidentally touched, it needs to be washed with plenty of water for a long time. It is recommended that friends or wear good protective measures to use again, in order to avoid accidents, to ensure that they are prepared, so we must choose a good.

Storage Method of Sodium Acetate

1.Sealed dry storage.

2.Use lined plastic bags, outer woven bags or gunny bags for packing. Sodium acetate is delivious. It should be moisture-proof during storage and transportation. Contact with corrosive gas should be strictly prohibited to prevent exposure and rain.

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