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Sugars-Common Carbon Sources
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Sugars-Common Carbon Sources

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Of the sugar plus carbon sources, flour, sucrose and glucose are the main ones, and since glucose is a simpler sugar, it is currently being studied more. When the carbon source is sufficient, the better carbon to nitrogen ratio with glucose as the carbon source is much higher than when methanol is the carbon source, which is 6:1 to 7:1. The carbon source has almost no effect on the specific reduction rate of nitrate nitrogen, but has a greater effect on the specific accumulation rate of nitrite nitrogen, and it was found that only glucose as an externally added carbon source had no effect on the specific accumulation rate of nitrite nitrogen in the study. Sugars represented by glucose as an added carbon source make the nitrogen removal effect good, however, as a polymolecular compound, sugar is easy to cause a large number of bacterial reproduction, leading to sludge expansion, increasing the value of COD in the effluent water, and affecting the effluent water quality, and, at the same time, sugar is more likely to produce the phenomenon of nitrosative nitrogen accumulation compared to the carbon source of alcohols.


1. It needs to be configured into solution on site, which is labour-intensive, with poor dosing accuracy, and cannot be used in large sewage treatment plants.

2. Industrial glucose contains many impurities, and food glucose is expensive.

The efficacy of compound carbon source:

1. Shorten the training time, which can make the bacterial seedlings shorten the stagnation period and quickly adapt to the new environment.

2. High bio-usage rate, promote the rapid breeding of beneficial bacteria in the de-nitrification and heterotrophy of hydrolysis acidification pool.

3. Save 50% carbon source mud volume, reasonable COD content, for denitrification tailor-made, cost-effective and widely better than industrial methanol, alcohol, tapioca starch, glucose water, formic acid and sodium acetate and other traditional carbon sources.

4. The carbon source is 40% low cost, non-toxic, harmless and bio-friendly. Composite carbon source is easy to transport, and there is no risk of erosion and easy weathering layer, the transport staff, the operator on the spot is also a kind of maintenance.

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