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Why Choose Sodium Acetate as the Carbon Source in Sewage Treatment
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Why Choose Sodium Acetate as the Carbon Source in Sewage Treatment

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At Present, the discharge standard of urban sewage treatment plant has become more and more strict, as well to the requirement to ammonia nitrogen and total phosphorus content of the producing water. In the reality, what confuse the sewage treatment plant most is that the content of nitrogen and phosphorus can’t satisfy the standard. To choose and dose the suitable carbon source is an efficient way to solve this problem.

As for now, there are 4 kinds of materials can be used as Carbon Source: glucose, methyl alcohol, acetic acid and sodium acetate.


When use glucose as the carbon source, it need to be converted into the easily degradable organics, the organic acid like acetic acid, formic acid and propionic acid. But the cost of glucose is too high so it still is just on at the stage of laboratory source.

2.Methyl alcohol

Although the methyl alcohol is a kind of easily degradable organics, when uses it as the carbon source it also need to be converted into low molecular organic acid. Meanwhile, the methyl alcohol is inflammable, explosive, volatile and toxic.

3.Acetic acid

Acetic acid is a good carbon source in the laboratory, with microacid and irritation, which can directly participate in the biochemical cycle of microorganism and shorten the biochemical cycle of long chain carbon source. Because of its apparent acidity, the alkalinity of biochemical process will be reduced in practical engineering, resulting in insufficient alkalinity in the process of nitrogen and phosphorus removal.

4.Sodium acetate

Sodium acetate as carbon source has faster denitrification rate than the above carbon source, and sodium acetate itself is not a dangerous product. It is convenient for transportation and storage, and the price is absolutely competitive. Moreover, the use of sodium acetate in sewage treatment has a long history in foreign countries. It has been proved that sodium acetate has a good effect on removing phosphorus and denitrification. Therefore, sodium acetate is used as an added carbon source.

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