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Sodium acetate in wastewater treatment
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Sodium acetate in wastewater treatment

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In today's densely populated era where water is scarce and precious, it is vital to find ways to recycle water. Sodium acetate, as a chemical raw material, plays an important role in wastewater treatment.

Sodium acetate is used in wastewater treatment as follows:

1. Adjustment of pH value: Sodium acetate, as a neutralizing agent, can adjust the acidity and alkalinity of the wastewater treatment process. By neutralizing acidic wastewater and making it neutral or alkaline, it helps to reduce the harm to the environment.

2. Promote sludge settlement and add carbon source: adding sodium acetate can improve the structure and properties of sludge, promote the rapid settlement of sludge and improve the treatment efficiency. At the same time, sodium acetate can be used as a carbon source supplement for denitrifying bacteria, which helps to adsorb the sludge in the sewage and reduce environmental pollution.

3. Deodorizer: Sodium acetate has good deodorizing effect, which can effectively neutralize the malodorous gases in sewage and improve the air quality of the surrounding environment.

In summary, sodium acetate plays a key role in wastewater treatment by regulating pH, supplementing carbon source, stabilizing water quality, neutralizing pollutants in wastewater, prompting the formation of precipitation, and improving water quality after filtration.

Despite the fact that we have found a way to treat sewage, Shanxi Zhaoyi Chemical Co., Ltd. calls on the general public to protect water resources, recognizing that everyone has a responsibility. Thank you for reading!

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