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Safe and Reliable New Food Additive - Sodium Diacetate: Anti-corrosion, Mold Prevention, Preservation!
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Safe and Reliable New Food Additive - Sodium Diacetate: Anti-corrosion, Mold Prevention, Preservation!

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Sodium diacetate (SDA for short), also known as sodium hydrogen diacetate and monosodium diacetate, is a compound of acetic acid and sodium acetate, the appearance of white hygroscopic crystal powder, slightly acetic acid smell, easy to dissolve in water and ethanol. Because it is safe, non-toxic, no residue, no carcinogenic, no teratogenic, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) will be recommended for the use of SDA in food, feed, mildew preservation.

The advantages of SDA are mainly reflected in the following four aspects


The toxicity of SDA is very low and the allowable intake per person per day (ADI) is 0 to 15mg/kg. The final metabolites of SDA in the body are carbon dioxide and water, no residue, no toxic side effects, no carcinogenic, pathogenic factors; At the same time, the appropriate intake of acetic acid is beneficial to human and animal health, and is listed as an international development and utilization of a kind of food and feed used as a nutritional mildew preservation additives.


In animal production, the feed supplemented with SDA can reduce the feed to meat ratio, increase the lean meat percentage and milk fat percentage of pigs, so as to increase the feed reward. The use of SDA for preservative of herbage silage can improve the utilization of protein in herbage.


Adding 0.15% ~ 0.75% SDA solution to newly harvested grain or feed can effectively prevent mildew. The antiseptic effect of SDA is better than that of propionate and sorbate which are widely used at present, and its added quantity is lower than that of propionate, but the price is only 2/3 of that of propionate, and the antiseptic cost is lower.


In food, SDA not only acts as a preservative, but also acts as an excellent chelating agent, prolongs the shelf life of food, and improves and maintains food flavor.

The sour taste of SDA in feed covers up the unpleasant smell of synthetic drugs and various trace elements added, so that many livestock and poultry prefer to eat the mixed feed containing SDA, so as to improve feed intake and daily gain, and greatly improve the input-output ratio.

Acetic acid, sodium acetate, caustic soda, ethanol and other raw materials used in the production of SDA are common chemicals. There are sufficient supplies in China with low prices and reliable quality. The acetic acid-sodium hydroxide one-step process developed by our country has the advantages of simple operation, low cost, stable product quality, and no environmental pollution problems. In recent years, the domestic food industry, breeding industry has been rapid development, the corresponding drive food, feed additive industry rapid development.

Therefore, SDA, as an antiseptic and mildew prevention agent with excellent performance, has a good development prospect in our country from the aspects of safety, technology, market prospect and application. Relevant enterprises should step up the application development and production of this product, which will certainly achieve good economic and social benefits.

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