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Potassium acetate has various applications in industry:
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Potassium acetate has various applications in industry:

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1. Chemical raw material: Potassium acetate is an important organic chemical raw material, commonly used in the synthesis of other chemicals, such as vinyl acetate, acetate, acetate and so on.

2. pH adjusting agent: aqueous solution of potassium acetate can adjust the acidity and alkalinity of the solution, and it is commonly used as pH adjusting agent in various industrial processes, such as textile, leather, paper making and other industries.

3. Surface treatment agent: Potassium acetate plays the role of corrosion inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor and cleaner in metal processing and surface treatment, and is often used for removing oxides and dirt on metal surfaces.

4. Buffering agent: Potassium acetate is often used as a buffering agent in biotechnology and biopharmaceutical industry, used to regulate the pH value of the biological reaction system and maintain its stability.

5. Electroplating agent: Potassium acetate is used in the electroplating industry as a component of acidic electroplating baths, which can be used for the treatment of metal surfaces such as galvanizing and aluminizing.

6. Other applications: Potassium acetate is also used as a wood preservative, a water treatment agent, and in the production of dyes and pigments.

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