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Anhydrous Sodium Acetate Transport and Preservation Precautions
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Anhydrous Sodium Acetate Transport and Preservation Precautions

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What you may not know about anhydrous sodium acetate is that it is a colorless, odorless crystal that, if in air, is easily weathered and flammable, slightly soluble in ethanol, completely soluble in water, and not easily soluble in ether. At more than 100 degrees Celsius, it loses its crystalline water, which can be made by the usual wet method, and smells like acetic acid. Anhydrous sodium acetate is generally stored in a sealed, dry environment.

In addition, early storage in the process of transportation, the special idea to prevent the dynasty, prohibit and rot only gas contact, but also prevent rain and exposure to the sun, anhydrous sodium acetate in the process of transportation should pay attention to add two and cover. It is helpful for the determination of aluminum, iron, zinc, and can be used as a complex stabilizer, as well as an auxiliary agent for acetalization effect. In the organic synthesis of esterification agent, and used in photography, medicine, printing and dyeing mordant, slow medium agent, a variety of chemical agents, meat preservative and pigment, tanning leather and many other aspects. It can also be used as a seasoning agent and buffer, fragrance enhancer and PH regulator. It can be very good to slow down the bad smell, but also can prevent discoloration and improve the flavor of the time to use, but also has a certain anti-corrosion effect, such as for the secret system of fish. If mixed with methyl cellulose and phosphate, it can also improve the preservation performance of breads and sausages.

Anhydrous sodium acetate has so many uses that it can also be used as a sulfur regulator and anti-coke agent, and as a crosslinking agent for animal glue. It can also be used in the addition of alkaline electroquilt tin, so that the electroquilt process is not obviously loud enough, not very necessary components. It is important to note that, as this product is easy to burn, we should be very careful during the storage process, do not touch the ignition source, otherwise it will easily lead to combustion and explosion.

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